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Coq d'Or


The second establishment in Chicago to obtain a liquor license, this Gold Coast Neighborhood fixture opened on December 6, 1933 following the repeal of Prohibition. The patina of Coq d’Or blends rich wood paneling, rogue leather accents, live weekend entertainment and a cozy glow to a evoke a truly nostalgic vibe.

Here, pre-prohibition standbys, 8 decades of iconic cocktails and new favorites are mixed, shaken or stirred to astonish the taste buds and amaze the eye. And for those who like it on the rocks or straight up, our branded Rye Whiskey curated in conjunction with FEW Spirits, an award-winning local distillery, is one of numerous batches and blends that will ignite and delight the palette of any whiskey connoisseur.

And the soup…is the perfect bowl of tradition. The Bookbinders Red Snapper Soup named after the restaurant of its provenance, Bookbinders, which opened in 1865 in Philadelphia has been served here since the 1930s. A tomato-and-roux-based soup with meaty red snapper fish accompanied by a crystal decanter of sherry… a REAL CHICAGO tradition among locals.


Breeze by Coq d'Or on sunny days and grab a To-Go lunch to enjoy along the lake shore.  Simply phone ahead to pre-order, grab a pair of sunnies and you will be on your way to soak up the last bit of summer!

The Lakeside Picnic menu includes your choice of salad or sandwich, whole fruit or chips, dessert choice of Strawberry Rhubarb Bars or assorted cookies and chilled water.  

Pre-Order by calling 312-932-4620

It's Whiskey Business & You're Invited to the Club

A play on words and a slight nod to The Drake’s cinematic past, appearing in the motion picture Risky Business, the Coq d’Or Whiskey Business Club has 4 annual gatherings for you to experience exclusive high-end batch tastings as well as special perks throughout the year to enjoy.

It’s Simple & 100% complimentary to join.

Here’s how it works: Register below and you will receive a membership card in the mail to secure exclusive benefits.

*must be 21 years of age