Coq d’Or

The Gold Coast neighborhood favorite, Coq d’Or, offers dining and cocktails.  Join us for an Executive Pour Martini, or as we like to call it…a martini with a side of martini.

Coq d’Or – A Real Chicago Tradition

The second establishment in Chicago to obtain a liquor license, this Gold Coast Neighborhood fixture opened on December 6, 1933 following the repeal of Prohibition. The patina of Coq d’Or blends rich wood paneling, rogue leather accents, live weekend entertainment and a cozy glow to a evoke a truly nostalgic vibe.

Here, pre-prohibition standbys, 8 decades of iconic cocktails and new favorites are mixed, shaken or stirred to astonish the taste buds and amaze the eye. And for those who like it on the rocks or straight up, our branded Rye Whiskey curated in conjunction with FEW Spirits, an award-winning local distillery, is one of numerous batches and blends that will ignite and delight the palette of any whiskey connoisseur.

And the soup…is the perfect bowl of tradition. The Bookbinders Red Snapper Soup named after the restaurant of its provenance, Bookbinders, which opened in 1865 in Philadelphia has been served here since the 1930s. A tomato-and-roux-based soup with meaty red snapper fish accompanied by a crystal decanter of sherry… a REAL CHICAGO tradition among locals.

Discover Seasonal Delights at Coq d’Or

Enjoy summer delights through the end of August with the seasonal promotions:

  • Hypnotic Summer, Absolut mandarin vodka, Hpnotiq, prosecco, orange wheel ($17)
  • Local Tomatoes & Crushed Burrata, Micro Basil, Cracked Pepper, Olive Oil ($16)
  • l’Eclair, Corn Chocolate Mousse, Praline Kettle Corn, Lemon Verbena ($12)

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