Reviews Reveal the Real Chicago

November 04, 2011

One of the most intriguing aspects of my job is reading the reviews from our visitors from today and of years past. With the extreme abundance of review sites out there it can often times be a daunting ask to analyze the feedback received on a daily basis re: our service, our amenities, our restaurants, and ultimately, us as a whole. However, through reading those reviews, we as an establishment are able to determine what we need to improve upon, keep consistent, and/or furthermore commend our team for. The incredibly rewarding feeling of being able to relay a top notch review or comment to our teams in hotel operations, concierge, front desk, or in our restaurants here at the hotel, is indescribable. But the real thanks goes out to those who are willing to share their thoughts with us- good or bad, because everything we hear motivates us to be better. Review sites are often seen as that pesky poke in your side that'll never cease to exist, or in good cases, amaze. However, good or bad, they're a crucial element to self-improvement, and of course recognition.  They've been around forever and in their evolution I've been able to see The Drake's evolution as a hotel, home, and destination. Through our renovations, our team member introductions, events, or our minor & major tweaks to menus and cuisine-- the Drake has still remained home for so very many and we thank those who keep coming back and who tell their stories to others on these sites, through emails, and through general banter with our team at concierge and the front desk. I'd like to share some reviews that inspired this post. Let us know what you think, always, on Tripadvisor, Yelp, Opentable: Chicago Restaurants, Zagat, etc. etc. Who said "You can never go home again"?. For me, dining at Cape Cod will forever be like coming home again and again. It was there I had my first raw oyster when I was nine and found a shiny black pearl inside. The Cape Cod Room hosted my sweet sixteenth birthday, numerous wedding anniversaries and last Saturday, I dined with my guests after my daughter's wedding. For every one of life's milestones, the Cape Cod Room has always welcomed me home. - Open Table The hotel itself is beyond words. Just the experience of having that much history around you and the level of professional service at your fingertips is incomprehensible. The rooms have everything you would expect. The Lakeview is breathtaking. The bar and restaurant is superb. The bar has REAL professional bar tenders, not drink slingers. The restaurant's fair of steak and seafood was perfect, the staff, perfect and the food perfect. Decorated beyond words with finely appointed pieces throughout the hotel becomes an afterthought after a while. It’s everywhere you look, walk, see and touch. But you want to do one thing that you know not many people have done. Go downstairs to their restaurant, grab a drink at their small quaint bar and run your fingers over where Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe carved their initials in the old wood bar. To sum it up briefly, The Drake makes you feel like your somebody without even trying. Hats off to them. - TRIPADVISOR The Cape Cod was amazing. The staff was super friendly and professional. The food is to die for!! The king crab legs are the best (and they already slice the shell for you!). This is a perfect atmosphere for a dinner date, business dinner, or just wanting to have a great dinner. My next visit to Chicago would include a stop at the Cape Cod!! OPENTABLE