Launches Luxury Online

September 11, 2013

The Drake Hotel is pleased to announce the launch of The Drake Hotel’s newly branded website: The new sophisticated site offers a contemporary look and a streamlined user experience. With improved navigation and functionality, the website provides quick and easy access to essential information. The enhanced experience features all major aspects of The Drake Hotel: meetings, weddings, dining and accommodations. Event planners can explore, examine and email requests with enhanced resources. Visitors can stay informed with the latest hotel happenings and announcements in the press section. Menus can be surveyed, galleries can be perused and arrangements can be made all with the click of a button. The improved site also provides a brief history of The Drake Hotel as well as an overview of the Gold Coast.

Furthermore, users can share information that interests them with others on social media outlets. The exacting efforts to which The Drake Hotel and Killswitch Collective have developed this website are evident from the first click. The REAL CHICAGO experience is showcased through the impactful design and rich history creating a story that complements the content with photos, leaving users informed and connected. "From business travelers to corporate groups to couples planning their weddings, The Drake Hotel has provided countless experiences to remember, and we think it’s time that the website does the same,” comments Meredith Reshoft, creative director and principal of Killswitch. “Anyone who walks into The Drake will find themselves ensconced in old Chicago style, from the architecture and décor to the gorgeous hallways, warm and rich with history. We were able to take the vision of The Drake Hotel Team and create a unique, highly captivating website that showcases The Drake Hotel as a historic icon, while bringing it in to the modern day.”The Drake Hotel, a national historic place and Chicago original, has become synonymous with luxury – personifies that luxury to a tee. The website is nearing the relaunch date, so be ready to click refresh.

Media can access additional information about The Drake Hotel at