Coq d’Or Invites Whiskey Aficionados to Join New Whiskey Club

April 24, 2013

Coq d’Or invites whiskey fans to join the new Coq d’Or Whiskey Club this May 2013. Interested individuals can complete the initial complimentary registration anytime online at Once enrolled, members will receive a membership card entitling them access to quarterly events and featured quarterly whiskies in Coq d’Or. “We know Chicago is home to many whiskey drinkers with sophisticated tastes,” explains Kai Wilson, The Drake Hotel beverage manager. “By starting the Coq d’Or Whiskey Club, we hope to provide everyone with a special opportunity to sample some new whiskies and meet people with similar tastes and interests.” Each quarter, members will receive an update, via email, with information on the quarter’s event, including when it will occur and what the featured whiskey will be. These events, hosted by Coq d’Or, will provide an opportunity for members to taste, learn and ask questions about different types of whiskies. The event program will vary from event to event depending on the featured product. The quarterly email will also update members on the custom tailored whiskey collection for the quarter. These whiskey collections are only available for purchase by current Whiskey Club members when visiting Coq d’Or. These collections will change quarterly with the seasons in mind and will revolve around a common theme. The first collection features a select grouping of rye whiskies including Old Potrero 18th Century Style Whiskey, Rittenhouse Rye Bottled in Bond and Templeton Rye Small Batch. Coq d’Or has had long history and a special connection to whiskey from the very beginning. Opening on Dec. 6, 1933, the day after the repeal of Prohibition, high demand and long lines only allowed time for the serving of 40 cent whiskies. In honor of the opening day of Coq d’Or and the 80th anniversary approaching this December, the Coq d’Or Whiskey Club was born. Coq d’Or Whiskey Club members must be 21 years of age or older. There is no membership fee. Interested whiskey lovers can online at