Catering Corner: The Make-Your-Own Station

March 06, 2013

The “Make-Your-Own” station is great for all kinds of occasions. They provide not only a fun culinary experience, but they also create conversation and excitement among guests. From the “First-Day-of-a-Conference-Ice-Breaking-Reception” to the “I’ve-Known-These-People-All-My-Life Rehearsal Dinner,” creating a “Make-Your-Own” station is sure to delight. Ideas to Try:

  • Pizza Station: This station is ideal for a smaller group as it will require oven time. Venture into more daring ingredients like lamb meatballs or cilantro pesto.
  • Nacho Station: Try having both low-end ingredients and high-end ingredients such as nacho cheese sauce mixed with ground bison. This can also work with French Fries or Tater Tots.
  • Grilled Cheese Station: Mix and match with different cheeses, breads, and vegetarian and non-vegetarian fillers and condiments.
Remember to keep in mind the dress code when planning these stations as they often tend to be messy.