Catering Corner: “Outside the Books”

February 22, 2013

A wedding item we are seeing less and less of these days is the guest book. Many couples feel the traditional guest book will be set out on the day of the wedding and then unfortunately end up on a shelf for years to come. Why not think outside the “book” and try some of these fun and inventive ideas for a register of your guests that will surely be enjoyed for years to come:

  • A framed poster of a tree; each guest signs a leaf – Any framed picture that somehow commemorates your wedding and is meaningful has a much better chance of making it up on a wall and therefore admired through the years.
  • The continuing popularity of photo booths is the perfect way to commemorate your wedding. Ask the photo booth attendant to make two copies of every picture your guests take - one for the guest to take home and one for you. Imagine going through those pictures 25 years from now!
  • 11 bottles of wine you love and label them 1, 5, 10, 15, etc. and ask your guests to sign the bottles of wine. Then, for each corresponding anniversary, you can open that year’s bottle of wine and remember the guests that help make your wedding day special. Ask a wine specialist to help you choose wine that will age appropriately. And don’t forget to save that special bottle of Champagne for your 50th!
All of these ideas can be used for inspiration and modified for the couple's tastes and personalities. What’s important is that youregister your guests in a way that will be meaningful to you as a couple and helps you to remember their presence at your wedding in the future. The only thing required? DON’T FORGET A PEN!