Touring Chicago by Horse Drawn Carriage

May 09, 2011
"Far-famed is The Drake and its favored location on the restful shores of Lake Michigan, adjoining Lincoln Park. And yet the center of the city's business and theatrical districts is close at hand. Whether you come to Chicago as a business visitor or as a vacationist, The Drake offers unrivaled advantages. Come and find perfect summer-time enjoyment. Bathing, tennis, horseback riding, Atlantic City chairs and other pleasures await you all season long...."

~Drake Hotel Ad, 1920s

Horseback riding? Really? Ninety years later one might expect this luxury to be far from existent in this bustling metropolis. However, hey are surely mistaken. Well, maybe to a certain degree.... There are many ways to discover Chicago- many vantage points from which a visitor may choose to explore the architecture, learn the history, or tempt their tastebuds with a culinary and cultural exhibition. And we will of course touch on all those tour options soon enough. However, we thought it appropriate to start out with the all encompassing and relaxing Real Chicago ride one gets when they trot through the city in none other than a horse drawn carriage. You don't have to cast a magic spell or be royalty to experience this transportation option in the heart of downtown Chicago. You simply have to look around and you'll see, or possibly find yourself caught behind, these nostalgic novelties. Horse drawn carriage rides are offered throughout the city, and one company in particular stations their carriages just steps from The Drake Hotel. Chicago Horse & Carriage is located on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Pearson Street across the street from Water Tower Place mall. They offer you a choice of open or enclosed carriages weather permitting. Special requests must be prearranged. Lap blankets will be provided when appropriate. Chicago Horse & Carriage Ltd. is dog friendly. Wet paws not permitted. Cost for rides starting and ending at their carriage stand for 1-4 persons:
  • 30 minutes $40
  • 45 minutes $60
  • 1 hour $80
($5 for each additional person. 6 person maximum.) Carriages do not operate between 4pm-6pm Monday - Friday. Chicago Horse & Carriage offers you a variety of tours Rides listed are available for 30mins - 2hrs.
  • Gold Coast
  • Innercity
  • Lake
  • Michigan Avenue
  • Navy Pier
  • State Street
  • Millennium Park - 11/2hr ride
  • Lincoln Park - 2hr ride
  • Buckingham Fountain Ride - 2hr ride
 They also offer an engagement package, so please inquire on their website.